So we all headed down to Encinitas, California to shoot the trailer. Fish taco's for lunch, final directing notes from Linda and we were ready to take off...WOW! It was fast going up! " 

Fish Taco lunch for the cast.jpg
Looking down.png
And we're off!.JPG
Dawn, Gwyn and Linda -driving down in th
Brilliant cast and Director!.jpg
Darlene (Angel) on the ground.JPG
Bumpy landing!.jpg
Cast-ready to go!.jpg

Besides the occasional blast of HOT AIR from the balloon, the flight was peacefully quiet, serenely beautiful  and SLOW coming down into a dirt field, a deserted canyon at sunset.

_ line.JPG
Gwyn, Dawn & John- we're up!
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Gwyn & Anthony
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Blast of Hot Air-whew!
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John, Rob, Dawn-(Mr
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Darlene (Angel)!jpg
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Linda & Gwyn
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Grateful Dawn that we landed
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Safe landing
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Dawn having difficulty- getting out of t
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Down by sunset.jpeg

Safe landing- End of a happy day!